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Our technology is constantly evolving, so we can always offer new use cases.
Below you will find the overview of all current use cases.

Generic extraction

Generic model with extraction of all relevant content.

OCR with handwriting

Extraction of relevant content from documents, especially handwritten content.


Extraction of all content on invoices including line item data.

Custom classification

Classification of incoming documents trained on your individual categories.

Identity document

Extraction of all content on ID cards and merging of front and back.


Classification of accounting documents and extraction of their contents.


Extraction of all contents of receipts, e.g. receipt position and item prices.

Delivery note

Extraction of contents on delivery notes such as tax rates and discounts.

Hotel invoice

Extraction of hotel bills, esp. data fields like guests, nights, breakfast etc.

Bank statement

Extraction of bank statements including all relevant content and lines.

Enrollment certificate

Extraction of enrollment certificates.

Salary statement

Extraction of salary records. Currently we are working on fraud detection.


Extraction of waybill contents such as truck license number and number of pallets.

Speeding fine

Extraction of speeding fines including all relevant content.

Vehicle appraisals

Extraction of all contents of vehicle appraisals including the invoice.

Vehicle registration

Extraction of the contents of vehicle registrations, e.g. number or trade name.

Repair invoice

Extraction of repair invoices with contents such as license plate number and date.

Rental car invoice

Extraction of car rental invoices including all car details etc.

Craftperson invoice

Extraction with differentiation according to wage and material share.

Customer form

Extraction of data fields from forms filled in by hand.

Enforcement order

Extraction of all contents of enforcement orders.

Bailiff order

Extraction of all contents of bailiff orders.

Postbox classification

Classification of postbox mail incl. extraction of contents (such as recipient, sender, etc.)

Law firm docs

Extraction of relevant content from documents, e.g. judgments, notices of appointments.

Legal expenses insurance notice

Extraction & classification after payment of costs.

Insurance policies

Extraction of relevant content such as tariff class & date, annual amount etc.

Inputmanagement insurance

Classification by business transaction.