Become part of an AI revolution.

We are hiring! is a deep-tech start-up developing an artificial intelligence that is supporting our customers to derive knowledge out of all kind of documents and to automate the processes around them.

Everyday people spend a lot of time and effort to manually extract and process data from documents. We will stop those tedious tasks and give people the time to focus on decisions and tasks that really matters. We use a unique combination of computer vision and natural language processing to solve this problem cost-efficiently.

Junior / Senior software engineer -Python

  • Develop backend software with a SOTA Tech Stack
  • You will develop APIs and backend functionalities and work with our continuous integration
  • you will make software production ready and deploy it on our own datacenter infrastructure
  • You will be part of our software engineering team, working on the latest state of software development

Machine Learning engineer (transformer)

  • You will be part of our data scientist and machine learning team, working on the latest state of AI development
  • You will train transformer based neural networks from scratch
  • You will develop transformer networks for specialized tasks
  • You will support our team defining and executing new ML initiatives
  • Together with us you will work on the core of our document understanding solution which is based in computer vision and natural language processing

Front-End / UX developer

  • You will work with an exciting tech stack breaking new ground like React
  • You will have to create interfaces of our software and tools
  • Improving user experience for amazing products is what makes you happy
  • You help us to define our frontend guidelines, best practices, unified conventions and frameworks