We apply simple and transparent prices. If you have specific use-cases or large volumes to process in real-time we are happy to give you a customized quote.



Invoices and receipts

100 queries included

More than 50 fields extracted



Many types of documents

Global Active Learning

Access to Restful API

Information about Discovery

Our Discovery version is intended for individuals or companies who want to try and test our technology. It’s a limited version in terms of features, number of documents that can be processed and types of documents available. Documents will be processed in real time like for the Entreprise version.


  • Invoices and receipts
  • Latin alphabet
  • One-time 100 pages for free


  • Demo page


  • Natif Deep-OCR

Information about Basic

The Basic version is made for companies seeking to implement an AI solution into their workflow and accelerate automation. With this version you will experience the full access to our Restful API as well as to our Front-End. You can also process a lot of different kinds of documents, you can ask to access annotation services and get special retraining.


  • Many types and can be extended on demand: Invoices, receipts, delivery notes, etc..
  • Latin alphabet
  • Queries / month included and then add cost per page


  • Restful API
  • Certified German Data Center


  • Natif Deep-OCR

Annotation services:

  • Global-Active-Learning