Our technology is truly disruptive in its nature and not bound by legacy. We have created models able to adapt to different layouts and that can be trained with little amount of data. The few examples below are illustrations of what can be achieved quickly and are meant to demonstrate the capacity of our AI to extract the right information at any place in a document.

1 Invoice capturing

2 Classifier

3 Receipt capturing

4 Insurance

5 Vehicle registration

6 Contract check

7 Governmental documents

Invoice capturing

Manually typing of invoice information is a time-consuming task, input errors are common and it slows down the entire automation process. This leads to unnecessary additional costs. Leave these problems behind. Line items data is passed to your accounting software as well, so accounting records can be created directly.

The support of our invoice processing technology is unique in the world of automation. For 98% of your invoices, data fields will be automatically extracted and pre-filled. Get real-time results, reduce manual effort have no setup costs and immediate savings.


If you need to process a large quantity of documents and data, classifying can take an enormous amount of time. With our Classifier-Tool, there will be no more delays in your company. The Classifier finds all the important information and sorts the documents directly according to your needs, whether directly on your mailbox or scanned. Thanks to our Deep-OCR, you will never have to search for mails and documents again.

Receipt data capturing

Processing receipts is tedious. Thanks to AI capture, those days are over, you can let our breakthrough technology process your receipts and extract all relevant information in real time. Line items data is passed to your accounting software as well, allowing accounting records to be created directly.

Our models have been trained to deal with the small prints as well as badly scanned documents. We are able to extract articles, quantities, tax amounts and all important data for the accounting at a very precision.


Increasing sales thanks to artificial intelligence. Sales representatives are often asked to make a counteroffer to a competitor’s insurance policy during a consultation. This requires reading pages and pages of insurance policies, finding relevant information and then calculating the corresponding rates. Our technology supports finding the relevant information in real time and matching it directly with the database. Thus, a counter offer can be made during the consultation.

Car license documents

Our technology manages to automatically process all identification and reference numbers from your car license documents. Our technology puts an end to tedious typing of numbers. Thanks to our AI, you will have error-free results in real time and will be able to manage your requests with much less time.

Contract check

You need to know if your documents and contracts have been filled out completely? Thanks to our technology that’s no longer a problem. You can run a completeness check on all your documents and find out in real time what data is missing. It is possible to specify individually what information our Deep-OCR should search for.

Governmental documents

Administration and governmental bodies have to deal with a lot of documents and sometimes a complex chain of validation. Many entities and citizens are dependent on the accessibility of the information and speed is in many cases necessary. has developed for smart city applications a solution to capture in real time requested data to answer questions like “how long will the street remain closed?”, “What is the speed limit?” etc…Furthermore, information entered into forms by handwriting can be extracted and processed as well. This enables you to transfer information from application forms quickly and efficiently to your database.

Easy to integrate

You can seamlessly bridge our technology to any point of your infrastructure. We provide an Output via a Restful API generating Json or XML ready to be integrated in almost any business software.

Frequently asked
questions (FAQ)

  • Why do I need to extract data?

    Most of the documents that exist in a company today are in a form in which computer systems cannot automatically access the information they contain. This is referred to as unstructured or semi-unstructured formats and data. These are typically PDFs, scans, images but also Emails. Our technology converts these unstructured documents into structured data and makes them readable for any type of entreprise software.

  • What kind of documents are supported? can be used to process almost any kind of business documents, here a few examples: invoices, purchase orders, delivery notes, travel costs, receipts, emails, contracts, customs declarations, etc…

  • What makes us different?

    We want to help our customers to extract value out of their documents and data in real time and at a fairly low cost. We use groundbreaking technology (deep-learning algorithms computed on GPU) to give our customer an edge: more precision, speed, fast ROI and scalability.

  • How to integrate in your current workflow?

    You get an access to our Restful API with Oauth authentification and can use our technology as a webservice.

  • Does also support hanwriting recognition?

    Yes, our Deep-OCR technology is able to recognize handwriting as well as the Latin alphabet.

  • Can documents be classified?

    Yes, we are able to classify documents according to the customer’s requirements..

  • What is Active Learning?

    Our technology is based on Active Learning, which means that is continuously learns from inaccuracies and errors and becomes more accurate and better the more documents it sees.

  • Is my data safe?

    Yes, we process your data exclusively in a Class 3 data center in Germany, which is ISO certified and meets the highest security standards. Unlike other providers, your data is not processed on servers operated by companies headquartered outside of Germany.