Read and derive knowledge from your business documents with intelligent document processing (IDP).

Every business needs to manage, control and connect its documents. But manual or semi-automated processes are limited and very costly for your entreprise. Using our AI will help you to increase speed processing, avoid mistakes, reduce technology costs and immediately improve productivity.

Real time results
Our AI needs less than 2 seconds to analyze and automate your documents
Cost efficient
Reduce your costs by up to 90%
Fully automated
No manual intervention needed to process your documents
Deep Learning
Different AI models process your documents without any rule-based approach

Partner cognitive technology sees business documents like humans do. We added sight as a new dimension. That`s why is more precise, faster and as a result more cost effective. The whole technology stack is built inhouse and gives us the ability to react to the needs of our customers.

Document Capturing

About us is a deep-tech start-up which educates machines . Based on the recent breakthrough of deep-learning, natural language processing and computing power (Cloud & GPU), has created and trained cost efficient and very fast models to solve a growing global demand of cognitive document processing.

Mission Statement

Develop the best AI for unstructured data automation driven by innovation, research and transfer of knowledge, always based on the needs of our customers.

Where do we come from?

The DNA of our company is made of experienced people in disrupting industries and native deep-tech engineers. was born on the German technology campus as a spin-off of the DFKI, which is the biggest German AI research center, focused on deep learning, computer vision and NLP.

Our values

We believe AI technologies will change the way industries and companies are working today and we believe this is the right timing for AI. Indeed, most of the companies have already adopted digital technologies, creating the basis for the next innovation. There will be a transformation from digital companies to cognitive companies. This evolution has started, and the first success stories show us it won’t stop. Adopting cognitive technologies today, will help you make a difference immediately.

Humans vs. AI?

We do not believe AI will jeopardize jobs in a large scale, especially not in the next decades. Companies will look for AI solutions to enhance currents jobs. AI will make the life of millions of people easier because they will work with reliable automation. AI will process smartly while human beings will focus on creative tasks and it will lead to productivity gain. Our machine learning models are made to simplify human works, we want to free up people from repetitive tasks and significantly reduce errors and anomalies.

What are the costs of a manually processed invoice?

The full costs of processing an invoice (outbound and inbound) is estimated at 30€ according to the last EU report about e-invoicing. In other words and just looking at inbound invoices, it means that once an invoice has gone through following steps: reception, codification, validation, matching, payment and archiving; the company will have spent in average 17,60€ overall for this process per invoice! Additionally, a full-time employee is capable of processing 6.000 invoice per year. As a comparison, our solution can process that amount per hour! This will give your employees more time to concentrate on more important tasks.


Natif is a deep-tech company using the latest breakthroughs in AI - more precisely in the area of computer vision and natural language processing (NLP) - to process business documents and extract knowledge out of those documents.

Our goal is to help entreprises to make quick productivity gains and secure a fast return on investment with AI. We propose a solution easy to integrate, fairly priced and robust to help entreprises to compute millions of documents, extract knowledge and find new patterns in their business.

Intelligent document processing is the discipline of extracting knowledge out of all types of business documents (and data) inside a company. First, all data have to be extracted out of the documents, then data have to be processed to bind the dots. Companies make a difference today if they can manage better knowledge than competitors, IDP is the perfect answer to this challenge.

Most of the documents existing today in a company are unstructured (or semi-unstructured). Those are typically PDF, scans, emails, images, etc…which current software do not understand and cannot process. solution does transform those unstructured documents into structured data and make it readable for any kind of entreprise software (like ERP).

IDP is meant to give an edge to all departments inside a company. Mostly it starts to be implemented in the finance and bookkeeping departments then gradually extend to operations and the rest of the company.

It can be use to process almost any kind of unstructured business documents, here a few examples: invoices, purchase orders, delivery notes, travel costs, receipts, emails, contracts, customs declarations, etc…

We want to help our customers to extract value out of their documents & data in real time and at fairly low cost. We use groundbreaking technology (deep-learning algorithms, computed on GPU and deploy on dockers) to give our customer an edge: more precision, speed, fast ROI (return on investment) and scalability.

We have created and trained our own deep-learning models. We have build up different modules covering each steps from capturing to understanding the data out of a document. Our algorithms are written in Python and run on GPU.

The pricing is fairly transparent, we charge per document processed. Our price list can be accessed here (link) and depends on volumes.

Thanks to our API you can seamlessly bridge our technology to any point of your infrastructure. We provide also a REST API with Oauth authentification, it is a very accessible webservice.

We offer two possibilities to use our solution. The first one is a cloud based solution with dedicated GPU and dedicated models. This cloud solution if of course fully RGPD compliant and is cost efficient, the customer does not have to purchase any hardware. The other solution is on premise, our models would run on customer’s architecture, in this case the hardware is provided by the customer.

Our infrastructure modules are wrapped in docker containers with swarm as orchestration tool allowing us to deploy fast, scale and maintain the system easily.

This takes a few days to replace an existing solution, this does not have to be done overnight, it can be by fading out the existing solution and ramping up We are able to plug our API to any existing point in your current workflow.

It is possible to run a POC (proof of concept) before you deploy our solution. This kind of request needs to be priced separately, depending on the needs. It is also possible on request to get customized models, which could run on a specific environment for specific used cases.