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Bill to: Brennerei Penth Spirits GmbH; Lachstraße 19; 66822 Lebach
Invoice # 58100124214 Invoice Date 14/01/2021
Ship to Brennerei Penth Spirits GmbH; Lachstraße 19; 66822 Lebach
Total gross amount 583,93€
Position 2; Quantity 25; Article# 664; Description Cuffed Beanie; VAT 19%; Price 59,50€
Seller information: Tante Guerilla, 66117 Saarbrücken

Invoice capturing

• More than 50 fields extracted
• Above 98% accuracy per field
• Easy integration
• Real time results
• Constantly improving
• Legal compliance check

Insurance police capturing

• Application for sales representatives
• Real time results
• Compare & match
• More than 20 fields extracted

Delivery note capturing

• More than 50 fields extracted
• Real time results
• Above 98% accuracy per field
• Easy integration
• Learning process
• Invoice matching

Govern­mental documents

• Extraction of relevant information for governmental documents
• Handwriting recognition
• Real time

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Real time results

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Fully automated

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Deep learning

Different AI models process your documents without any rule-based approach technology is a new and disrupting way of document analysis. Our AI uses visual information and sees a document as a human would. This makes more accurate, faster and therefore more cost-effective. Since we developed all the technology ourselves, we don’t rely on other companies and software solutions. This gives us the ability to adapt to the needs of our customers, as well as ensure the highest level of data protection.


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