Individual invoice processing customized for your suppliers

  • Invoice processing with artificial intelligence
  • Train individual model to your requirements
  • Simple integration via API &
  • Over 97% recognition rate across all date fields (incl. line items)
  • GDPR compliant technology
  • Real-time results

Train your own invoice model

With our Finetune-your-invoice model, you can align and optimize our basic invoice model to your invoice documents in 4 simple steps. This guarantees you get perfect results for the invoices you process every day.
The AI learns based on your documents and after training knows exactly where which content is located. This means that your invoices can be processed in an extremely precise automated manner.

Nach wenigen Klicks einsatzbereit

Ohne Programmieren oder Codes können Sie Ihr eigenes Klassifizierungsmodell trainieren.
Auf unserer Plattform werden Sie über einen Workflow durch die einzelnen Schritte geleitet.
Die API kann anschließend mit Hilfe von Code Snippets oder OpenAPI integriert werden.

Ready to use with just a few clicks

Without programming or code, you can train your own classification model. On our platform, you are guided through the individual steps via a workflow. The API can then be integrated using code snippets or OpenAPI.

All advantages for you at a glance

Define unlimited individual suppliers
Innovative interface for training
Over 97 % recognition rate across all date fields (incl. line items)
Few data for learning
Directly available model
Simple integration via API
Simple integration via
No code necessary
Real-time results
Active learning
GDPR compliant

How to create your own model

Check out our blog post for all the information and step-by-step instructions on how to create your own model

To do this, start on our platform in the API-Hub.
How to fine-tune your invoice model.

Zum Blogbeitrag

In unserem Blogbeitrag finden Sie alle Informationen sowie eine Step-by-Step Anleitung zur Erstellung Ihres eigenen Modells.

Dafür starten Sie auf unserer Plattform im API-Hub.

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