How to Group Data Fields Correctly

When annotating invoices, grouping data is an important step in organizing information and recognizing patterns. This is especially important when analyzing complex documents such as invoices. In this blog post you will learn how to group your invoice data correctly.

This is how you can extract all the information on your invoices

Our generic invoice model has been trained to extract as much information as possible. However, it can always happen that your invoices contain content for which our model has not been explicitly trained. To ensure that you can extract all the information that is relevant to you, we have a solution for this.

How to split scanned files into single documents again

In most cases, several documents are scanned together and then end up as one large PDF file on the PC. In order to process them further, they must then be split up again - which involves an extremely large amount of manual effort. Our innovative AI technology makes this work easier for you and enables complete automation!

How to train your own extraction model

Even though we already offer extraction models for many different document types, we realise that many work processes involve even more documents. That is why you can now create your own extraction model. You can determine yourself which document types are involved and which contents are to be extracted from them.

How to fine-tune your invoice model

We will show you how to train our invoice model to become your individual model. All you need is a few minutes of time and the AI will learn how to process your invoices with the highest precision!

How to train your own classification model

At natif.ai, we understand that as a prosperous business, you are most likely facing a flood of documents from different sources without knowing what they contain and who should handle them. If this applies to you, then you can stop worrying as natif.ai has launched a service where you can train your own AI model on your own documents to sort them into your own chosen labels!

Billing for pre-built APIs and User Management

At natif.ai we try to make life as easy as possible for our partners, because only together we are really strong. One of the essential points of our cooperation is the creation and management of customer accounts - who does what?