BOLD & EPIC systems’ Success with Accounting Workflow

BOLD & EPIC Systems, a leading provider of ERP solutions and accounting services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), has harnessed the power of's accounting workflow to digitize and automate their clients' accounting processes. This case study highlights how BOLD & EPIC Systems leveraged's technology to achieve streamlined and error-free accounting operations.

About BOLD & EPIC systems

BOLD & EPIC systems is renowned for its expertise in ERP solutions and comprehensive accounting services. Their mission is to create modern and innovative working environments for SMEs, and they have rapidly become a go-to resource for businesses seeking to enhance their operational efficiency.

Rainer Schramm, Managing Director at BOLD & EPIC systems, says:

“With, we automate the capture and digitization of our customers’ invoices. Thanks to OpenAPI, the accounting workflow was quick and unproblematic to connect to the ERP system weclapp. Through automated document classification and extraction of key data, we reduce errors and manual workload.”


BOLD & EPIC systems encountered two primary challenges. Firstly, they aimed to empower their clients to digitize and automate their work processes effectively. Secondly, they sought a user-friendly interface for automating document processing with while seamlessly connecting it to the weclapp ERP system.

The Solution

BOLD & EPIC systems successfully addressed these challenges by implementing’s accounting workflow.
This solution utilizes advanced AI models to automate accounting document management. Incoming documents, such as invoices, cash receipts, credit notes, and delivery bills, are classified by document type upon receipt. Crucial information, including address data, payment data, total amounts, and item details, is extracted and seamlessly processed within the weclapp ERP system.
* BOLD & EPIC systems former feat. Fosbury

Results Achieved

The implementation of‘s API was rapid and straightforward, allowing BOLD & EPIC systems to seamlessly integrate the accounting workflow with the weclapp ERP system. This integration has enabled BOLD & EPIC systems to fully automate their clients’ accounting processes, resulting in significant time and effort savings. Moreover, the data extraction accuracy for incoming documents has improved substantially.

As a direct outcome, BOLD & EPIC systems’ clients have experienced heightened operational efficiency. They can redirect their focus towards core business processes, while the automated accounting workflow handles repetitive tasks with precision. This success story exemplifies how‘s technology has empowered BOLD & EPIC systems to provide innovative and efficient accounting solutions to SMEs, ultimately transforming their work environments for the better.

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