Human in the Loop (HITL): Bridging the Gap Between AI and Human Insight in Document Automation

Despite AI’s impressive capabilities, it isn’t infallible. There are moments when algorithms could misjudge subtleties, ignore crucial context, or even make unintended oversights.

The onset of the 21st century heralded unparalleled strides in AI technology, transforming sectors, approaches, and even daily routines. Amid this AI-led upheaval, a new paradigm has evolved, emphasizing the blend of human insight with artificial intelligence: Human in the Loop (HITL). In this age dominated by AI innovations, grasping and capitalizing on this union becomes crucial.

What is Document Automation?

Document automation fundamentally pertains to crafting systems and processes that facilitate the genesis of electronic documents. By substituting manual document generation with automated templates, immense gains in time, precision, and uniformity are realized.
With AI in the mix, document processing has transcended to a sphere of unmatched efficacy. Possessing abilities from intricate data extraction to intelligent categorizations, AI has reset the limits of document automation possibilities.

The Need for Human Intervention in AI

Despite AI’s impressive capabilities, it isn’t infallible. There are moments when algorithms could misjudge subtleties, ignore crucial context, or even make unintended oversights.

Consider an intricate logistics contract detailing transcontinental shipments. While AI can swiftly identify terms, dates, and costs, understanding the subtle implications or potential risks in certain clauses often demands human sagacity. Such instances highlight the irreplaceable value of human discernment, especially when pinpoint accuracy is non-negotiable.

Understanding Human in the Loop (HITL)

HITL is about fusing the unique advantages of both humans and machines. In HITL systems, humans actively review, oversee, or refine AI outcomes, ensuring that the results are not just rapid but also trustworthy.
For instance, in document automation, while AI might deftly extract data from a shipping manifest, a human checker guarantees that no pivotal information is missed or misconstrued. The outcome? An integrated system that truly shines.

Real-world Applications of HITL in Document Automation

Ponder the logistics sector, where countless shipping invoices and cargo manifests are routinely processed. AI, with its efficiency, can handle massive data volumes in record time. Yet, a HITL approach ensures critical details such as item categorizations, shipment timelines, or consignee specifics are meticulously recorded and comprehended, given the vital nature of such operations.

In a similar vein, within the financial domain, even as AI adeptly manages transactional data or evaluates credit histories, HITL guarantees an in-depth interpretation, capturing the essence of a client’s fiscal landscape or potential investment nuances.

Challenges & Considerations

Embarking on a HITL journey presents its own set of challenges. From preparing teams to synchronize with AI, establishing seamless human-AI feedback channels, to confronting potential tech apprehensions, the path requires astute navigation. Additionally, businesses need to judiciously determine when human intervention truly adds value and when it might be superfluous.

Introducing’s HITL Feature’s Human in the Loop feature isn’t just about integrating human oversight with AI processes; it’s about enhancing the synergy between human intuition and AI prowess. By empowering users to be a part of the AI’s decision-making process, we ensure that document automation isn’t just smart – it’s also insightful, adaptable, and aligned with your business’s unique needs.

1.1. Intuitive Interface:
At, we recognize that while full AI automation is the ultimate goal, there’s undeniable value in harnessing the precision of human oversight, especially when full automation might not be possible. Understanding the AI’s data source is crucial for trust and transparency. Our platform provides users with an intuitive interface where they can visually verify the origins of the AI’s extracted data. If discrepancies arise or even if the AI misses a field, users can effortlessly mark areas in the document. The platform then auto-corrects based on user input. This ensures that even if you’re achieving 95% automation, the 5% where manual intervention is needed becomes a swift, seamless process.

1.2. Checking AI Output:
AI, in all its prowess, can sometimes falter. We ensure that our users always have the final say in any decision-making process. Users can easily review, validate, and even correct the AI’s output when needed. This blend of human intuition and AI capabilities results in unmatched accuracy and reliability.

1.3. Highlighted Problem Areas:
In the dynamic business environment where time equates to money, our platform intuitively highlights potential discrepancies or inaccuracies within documents. This feature allows users to promptly spot and amend issues, ensuring a fluid workflow and significantly reducing the chances of oversight.

1.4. Customization of Fields:
Every business has its own distinct needs, and is here to cater to them all. Our platform is adaptable and user-friendly. Users can determine which data fields are essential to them, set their order of appearance, and even dictate the specifics they might not be initially interested in. This ensures your most valued data remains at the forefront, while also granting access to a plethora of other potential insights.

1.5. Continuous AI Learning:
One of the cornerstones of AI is its innate ability to evolve. With our HITL feature, every user-driven correction is more than just a momentary fix; it’s a lesson for the AI. Each user intervention is diligently logged, allowing the AI to understand, adapt, and enhance its processes. The result? A system that not only self-corrects but continually grows more intelligent with each user engagement.


The unfolding story of our digital age isn’t a simplistic narrative of humans versus machines. It’s a symphony of human insight complemented by AI’s computational might. As we navigate this synergistic path, HITL’s role in document automation and beyond foretells a future teeming with efficiency and profound discernment.

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