and amotIQ solutions Collaborate to Revolutionize SAP Process Optimization and Automation for Manufacturing Companies

The holistic solution for SAP processes paves the way for a digital future and sets new standards in document processing X amotIQ solutions

Berlin, 7.11.2023 –, a leading company in the field of document automation, is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with amotIQ solutions, an experienced consultancy specializing in the optimization and automation of systemic processes for manufacturing clients. This collaboration represents a significant milestone in the field of document automation and SAP integration, reshaping how companies manage their document processes in conjunction with SAP systems.

Document automation is becoming increasingly vital for businesses, especially in the manufacturing sector, to enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and gain actionable insights from their data. The partnership combines’s innovative AI-based document automation solutions with amotIQ solutions’ expertise in process optimization and automation, creating a synergy that will provide manufacturing companies with SAP systems significant advantages.

“By joining forces with, we are excited to offer our customers innovative technology for document processing.”
– Michael Stöcker, CEO – amotIQ solutions
“Partnering with amotIQ solutions is a significant step in completely redefining how businesses manage document management in connection with SAP processes.”
– Mats Hoefler, CRO & Co-Founder –

Key Highlights

  1. Comprehensive SAP Solutions
    Customers can look forward to a suite of outstanding document processing capabilities, now enhanced by the integration of‘s expertise in deep OCR and machine learning with amotIQ solutions‘ seasoned proficiency in SAP processes. This strategic partnership is poised to provide a robust end-to-end solution for document automation and process optimization, engineered to streamline workflow and elevate productivity within SAP ecosystems.

  2. Industry-Leading Collaborations
    Both and amotIQ solutions have a long history of collaboration with industry leaders. This partnership further strengthens their networks.

  3. Versatile Applications
    The combined expertise of and amotIQ solutions will enable companies to streamline various document-related processes, such as accounting, processing delivery notes, and much more.

  4. Customizable Solutions
    Customers can expect tailored solutions to meet their specific needs, allowing them to harness the power of AI for their unique document processing challenges in conjunction with SAP processes.


Based in Germany, pioneers in intelligent document processing (IDP) by integrating innovative AI with machine learning for AI-driven document automation. Esteemed for its collaborations and a OEM white label focus, it offers versatile solutions across sectors. Emphasizing user experience and GDPR compliance, is steering the future of document automation.

About amotIQ solutions:

amotIQ solutions is an expert in optimizing and automating systemic processes for manufacturing customers using SAP. The company offers decades of experience in integrating SAP processes to enhance efficiency and productivity.

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