Billing for pre-built APIs and User Management

At we try to make life as easy as possible for our partners, because only together we are really strong. One of the essential points of our cooperation is the creation and management of customer accounts - who does what?

We know how painful it could be if just the simple creation of a customer account requires repetitive communication via email. That’s why we built a new section in our platform that eliminates this pain.
As a start we would like to introduce our user management and point out which different billing models can be established. First of all, we would like to explain how our structure is set up:
When creating a new account directly on our platform, two types of accounts are created:
  • A user account that is associated to an email address of the person signing up.
  • A customer account that usually reflects an organizations and stores some information about it. The user account is always created within the customer account. Afterwards it’s possible to add new users to the customer account.
For user accounts we distinguish different roles for the users: Manager, User, Annotation Manager and Annotator. Without going to much into detail on the individual roles, there is another role that is assigned to special accounts – the reseller. The reseller is able to create not only new user accounts in his own customer account, but also completely new customer accounts, which are then associated with the reseller. The management of the users within the accounts is also no problem, new user accounts can be created with a few clicks. As shown in the interface a customer account can be created with just a few details about the the customer itself.
Besides creating new users, the interfaces can also be used to get an overview of the already created customer accounts and add new users if necessary.
Another important feature of our reseller interfaces are the dashboards that show the processed documents, pages or credits in a given period per customer account. We already know from working with some resellers that individual billing models are often necessary per customer. For some customers, it is much easier to bill per document than per page, as this makes it much easier to calculate savings.

Usually we charge users of our system by document or by page or credits, giving discounts on higher consumption. Still we are open to discuss individual pricing options for you. If you are interested or you have any further questions, please contact us.

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